Recumbent Lee Statue

This 3D model of Robert E. Lee was constructed using photogrammetry.  59 pictures were taken around the statue, which resides in the back of Lee Chapel, in a chamber above the mausoleum.


Although many people think Lee is buried underneath the statue, he is in fact buried with the rest of his family inside the mausoleum.  The statue was constructed in 1875 by sculptor Edward Valentine.  It serves as a memorial to Lee and represents a peaceful picture of Lee sleeping on his camp bed in his uniform.  The idea for this statue came from a similar one of Queen Louisa of Prussia, done by C. D. Rauch.[1]  It is important to note that, while the statue of Lee is in the back of the Chapel, it is only a few feet behind the main podium, making it easily visible for almost anyone in Lee Chapel.

The 3D model we created displays a view that even visitors to the statue do not have.  This model allows us to see the statue from above, which gives it a different feel than viewing it from the side as one would when seeing the statue in person.  There is a pixelation issue on the left side of the statue’s face that does not exist on the statue.