Aerial Views

This page displays two aerial views of the general Lexington area: one modern-day, and one from 1969.  Notice how the surroundings of Washington and Lee have changed over the years

Lee Chapel Modern Aerial View

Seen here, Lee Chapel is the lone building that faces towards the Colonnade, which is a row of 5 academic buildings.  This is a current aerial view of Lee Chapel.


Lexington, VA aerial view 1969

Inside the red circle is where Lee Chapel sits spatially within the W&L campus.

Campus Aerial Lee Chapel

Even in 1969, Lee Chapel was a lone building facing towards a mass of academic buildings on Washington and Lee’s campus.  Although we have no record of the reason behind the location, it may be because the chapel was originally intended to serve university’s religious needs, even if it was not an official church, and thus was slightly separated from the academic buildings on campus. However, as the use of Lee Chapel changed and it became more commemorative of Robert E. Lee, the University faced a debate that reached a national scale: should Lee Chapel be expanded? Visit our Proposed Changes tab to see models of the suggested renovations to the Chapel, as well as letters from key contributors to the debate.