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  • The Chapel’s original purpose was for religious services and a meeting place for the student body; Lee wanted it to become a sort of “student center”.

  • After Lee’s death, the Chapel evolved into a memorial or a shrine to Lee with the addition of the mausoleum and the recumbent statue.

  • The proposal to expand the Chapel in 1923 was debated and turned down because the Daughters of the Confederacy, among others, felt that the Chapel was a representation of Lee’s last contributions and should be preserved.

Related work

To our knowledge, digitizing archives of Lee Chapel and analyzing Lee’s motivation has never been done before. Special Collections has preserved many of the documents, blueprints, and pictures that we have used on this site.


Future Directions

  • If possible, we hope that our site will be used as an educational page on the Lee Chapel website.

  • We hope that this site will not only serve as a model for future DH projects, but also that future classes will continue our research and add to this site.

  • This site is an open project and, as is consistent with all digital humanities projects, will never be finished.